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People who have heard Together For Him say this ministry is more than just singing.


People have said it is obvious that TFHs first priority is sharing Jesus Christ. 


Together For Him offers a fresh new presentation of the gospel through their musical and vocal abilities.
Pastors would bless their church family by scheduling Together For Him for a church event, worship service, or activity. I highly recommend Together For Him. Their future looks extremely promising."

Eddie Allen, Pastor, Tremont Church of God

From Southern Gospel to Contemporary Christian Music, Together For Him brings forth a dynamic sound. 
Together For Him intertwines their voices beautifully - a reflection of their hearts as their love of Jesus overflows into every note they sing.

Michelle Renew & Judi Labreque, WMHK, Columbia, SC

Together For Him has been faithfully spreading the gospel for years. 
Together For Him sings well, writes beautiful songs, and have a sweet spirit. You will love them and their presentation.

Roger Talley, Southern Gospel Recording Artist/Producer



About Together For Him

God called Donna to serve Him in music ministry and over the years has given her amazing opportunities to minister in so many different ways.


Donna brings a concert filled with music that glorifies God and reaches people of all ages. She sings some original music written by herself and previous members. Bill  runs the sound for the concerts and also assists churches that has audio needs...anything from fine tuning an existing system, training, recommendations, installation, and sales.

Performing, writing, arranging, recording, producing, audio fine tuning, training, recommendations, installation, and sales.       

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Together For Him was formed in 1997. Changes to the group has happened along the way but the message of the ministry is still the same.


Whether people rededicate their lives, bring their burdens to Christ, or accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior, "Together For Him" is a ministry that touches hearts and challenges people in their walk with Christ. Each concert is a worshipful experience, a call to the lost, as well as a call to a deeper relationship with Christ.

Donna says, "Christ has called us to share Him and take His word out into the world. If people do not see Jesus in us, we are not doing what God has called us to do. As we go out and introduce Jesus to the lost and bring encouragement and hope to others, it is our prayer that we will lead more and more people to follow Christ and then, along with us, reach out to others and grow God's Kingdom Together For Him!"


Together For Him