Together For Him

Music is the

      universal language...

What do you get when you put ladies together who have a passion and a desire to serve God? You get women from different walks of life who believe, love, and honor God and who want to share Him with everyone they meet.

Welcome to Our Website!

We couldn't be more pleased that you've found our website!


This is Together For Him's official website, created for all of our fans to keep up with our ministry happenings. We've been blessed to be able to do what many dream of but few actually do — share our music to wonderful audiences everywhere God opens a door. 


No matter what we may be doing, this is the one place you can always go to know the latest with our ministry. 

Latest Songs

He Is Not Here
Written by Tricia Jeffers. Enjoy!

Come Home
One of our originals. We hope you enjoy it.

Let The Rocks Keep Silent
Our very first radio release.